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About Us

Nielsen Market Research is a set of business intelligence tools and services from Nielsen that give publishers, wholesalers, and distributors insight into market dynamics like never before. We provide accurate, reliable and actionable data, delivered in formats that let you put it to work immediately for your company.

Nielsen Market Research lets you track…

  • Book sales (competitor & company) across various sales channels via peer-to-peer and aggregated views
  • Product flow throughout the supply chain
  • Customer profiles and buying habits
  • Frequency and velocity of titles moving through the marketplace
  • Inventory turns and efficiencies of stocked titles through retail channels
  • Product intelligence, industry trends and company performance
  • And much more

With Nielsen Market Research, you can gain insight into market dynamics like never before.

You already know Nielsen as the world’s leading source for bibliographic information. Nielsen Market Research goes beyond title data to include the latest sales & inventory data, financial data, buying behavior and analytics on the flow of goods and information throughout the publishing supply chain.

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