January 27th, 2012

Bowker Drives the Data Behind Book Sales by Mercy Pilkington

In order for any industry or sector to not only survive but to move forward, there is vital data that must be collected in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the industry as a whole. For so many aspects of the book publishing industry, from traditional print publishing on a large scale down to self-published authors of ebooks, a lot of the information about consumer preferences and sales can mean the difference between success and failure.

Bowker, a company that has released some vital reports on studies conducted across various aspects of the publishing industry, spoke to GoodEReader at Digital Book World about the staggering growth of ebooks in the market, the metadata requirements that help a reading audience find the books that are being produced, and the overall buying and reading preferences of consumers. Kelly Gallagher, VP of Publishing Workflow Solutions for Bowker, was on hand as a speaker on a number of issues that Bowker has studied as they pertain to publishing.



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