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ABC’s Selfie: You Can’t Do the Internet on Television

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TV in general has a difficult time with technology.  Selfie is further hamstrung. It’s not a program that incorporates elements of Internet life—what current show can avoid that?—it’s one whose plotlines couldn’t have existed before the Web. At one point in the pilot, which drew a modest 5.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen (NLSN), a set of three GIFs (moving like they do online) demonstrates Eliza’s many “feels.” When her co-workers lift their phones, logos of Facebook (FB), Instagram, and Twitter (TWTR) swirl in the air. In episode two, there’s a repeating pop-up of Eliza’s paramour texting her, “sup.” It’s kind of fun but quickly starts to feel like the result of a television studio brainstorm: What if we got kids to look up from their iPhones by sticking the same stuff on TV?

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