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Amazon growth, outage rattle industry cages


First published on http://triblive.com/.

Amazon, already the 800-pound gorilla of online sales of print and e-books and e-reading devices, continues to expand its market share in key areas — and concerns competing retailers and publishers so much that a recent glitch on its website fueled suspicions that more than just a glitch was going on.

New data from Bowker Market Research, which conducts studies for publishers, shows Amazon’s still growing at others’ expense, Publishers Weekly reports.

As of 2012’s second quarter, 55 percent of e-book buyers were using Amazon Kindles to read their purchases — up from 45 percent in 2010’s second quarter and 48 percent in 2011’s second quarter. That 55 percent is Amazon’s highest share ever of the e-reader market, with the Kindle Fire model, introduced for the 2011 Christmas season, used by 18 percent of e-book readers.

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