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Apple Beats can be bought for $ 3.2 billion



First published on http://www.bubblews.com/

Accordingly , this deal includes all parts of the company , including Beats Music music services or production department headphones and speakers . Biggest sale in the history of Apple will be announced next week . Some major newspapers such as Bloomberg , Wall Street Journal or Recode also confirmed that the deal was nearing completion .
Currently Apple ‘s products are sold in the store ‘s Beats label , and at the end of last month , Beats began offering subscription music services online using features of Apple’s in-app purchase . In particular , this is a service in direct competition with Apple’s iTunes Radio , trial application that lets hear songs before buying them on iTunes . But Beats require users to pay a new fee could be used all the music service .

The deal could be slowing down the sale of online music . According to Nielsen Soundscan , sales services in the U.S. fell 11-13 % in the first 8 weeks .

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