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Bowker Bookwire App Lets You Get Book Data on the Go

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First published on http://goodereader.com

Bowker has just released an iOS app for the iPad and iPhone that will assist librarians and customers who want to compare prices as they shop for ebooks. Users can scan the barcode of any physical book to receive a quick search result for that title and format, view a list of the lowest retail prices, and make a purchase through multiple e-retailers. It will also allow you to get access to metadata and add it to your library’s main cart for future use.

The new app is free, but does have some pay features. I think customers will dig the fact that they can visit their local bookstore and then scan titles they want to get the ebook prices on. Obviously, in almost all cases, the ebook price is significantly lower than the tangible version. You can get purchasing information from Abebooks, Amazon, half.com, and a number of other sites.

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