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Bowker Partners with Digi-Rights




First published on www.selfpublishedauthor.com

Bowker announced today that it is partnering with Digi-Rights® (warning – sound on the site is automatically enabled). From the press release:

Digi-Rights® Direct [is] a patented suite of automated rights solutions and services for authors and publishers. This cloud-based service is designed to enable users to optimize their rights so that revenues are maximized and risks from copyright liability issues are minimized. The link to Digi-Rights® Direct is part of Bowker’s larger program to identify high-quality providers of key services for authors and small publishers, connecting them through MyIdentifiers.com….

The goal of Digi-Rights® Direct is to help authors and publishers achieve effective rights control, providing them with oversight of the rights process, helping them manage budgets, enabling copyright compliance and optimizing rights values. A key component of the offering is a self-administered “Rights Assessment” app that helps publishers identify what rights the author has or may need to obtain from third party licenses and then, develop an action plan to mitigate copyright issues.


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