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Bowker Report: Self-Published Books Record Triple-Digit Growth

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Indie publishers are sticking it to Big Publishing. Sort of. Perhaps we should gauge it as a kick in the shins.

Publisher’s Weekly posted a news brief on a fresh report from Bowker on self-publishing books, “Self-Publishing in the United States, 2006-2011: Print vs. Ebook” (October 2012).

According to PW, the report says self-publishing has seen 287% growth since 2006, with e-book formats driving the gains.

Small presses — publishers who have produced 10 or fewer books — accounted for 34,107 titles in 2011, with 21,256 print books and 12,851 e-books.

Bowker says: “This was a time when the emerging technologies of print on demand and digital publishing dramatically cut the cost of book production and opened the door to almost any author with a story to tell.”

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