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Children’s Literature in India: A Fairy-Tale?

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In a trade report published at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2013, the author Manasi Subramaniam makes an astute observation.

“A very close look at the Nielsen Bookscan data is extremely revealing. As a sample set, in the ‘Top 1000’, a compilation of bestsellers in India by Nielsen Bookscan for the month of March 2012 alone, the first children’s book to make an appearance is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (published by Bloomsbury) at 23, followed by Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever (published by Puffin) at 24. After more books from The Hunger Games series and the Percy Jackson series and a few by Roald Dahl and other well-known writers, the first Indian book for children that makes its appearance is at 151 and it’s Swami and Friends by R. K. Narayan, a book that was first published in 1935!


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