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Clinton’s memoir tops nonfiction hardcover list, fourth overall



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Hillary Clinton’s frenetic book tour appears to have paid off: In its first week on the market, her memoir “Hard Choices” was the most purchased hardcover nonfiction book in the United States, according to Nielsen Bookscan data.

Booksellers who report to Nielsen — which makes up roughly 85 percent of all retail book sales — have sold approximately 86,000 physical copies of “Hard Choices” since June 10, according to the data provided to CNN by Nielsen.

The Nielsen numbers do not include tablet and e-book sales. On Tuesday, a source with Simon & Schuster, Clinton’s publisher, told CNN that roughly 100,000 copies of “Hard Choices” were sold in the book’s first week when you combine hardcover, e-book and preorders.

The figure also makes “Hard Choices” the second most purchased hardcover book in both nonfiction and fiction this week, according to a publishing source who provided CNN with the Nielsen data.

“Written in My Own Heart’s Blood,” the latest installment of Diana Gabaldon’s fictional Outlander series, narrowly outsold “Hard Choices” in hardcover sales, according to the numbers.

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