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Future of Ebooks, Book Business: Five Experts Share Viewpoints



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Solid Growth for Books – Print & Digital

DBW presenter Jonathan Nowell, president of Nielsen Book, says the overall global book industry is strong. “In mature markets, we are seeing solid growth in digital while print book sales are proving resilient. In emerging markets, print continues to drive growth — China grew at 10 percent in the first half of this year and Brazil grew at 7.5 percent in Q3. For the foreseeable future, we will operate in a hybrid print and digital world, and we will witness further publisher consolidation in the drive for coverage and efficiency.”

Nowell will present on “The Changing Mix of What Sells in Print: How Ebooks Have Changed the Print Book Marketplace.” The informative session looks back over a decade of Nielsen’s book sales data, and reviews print and ebook sales in various categories. Nowell’s lecture will also reveal what bookstores might look like in the future, as mainstay sales of bestselling authors move increasingly to digital.

“While the global book business is in good shape, it is clear that the shape has changed and will continue to do so,” says Nowell.


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