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Grey House Publishing Acquires Broadcasting & Cable Directory & Database

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Grey House Publishing announces the purchase by Grey House of the directory and database of the Broadcasting & Cable Industry, formerly published by Bowker, an affiliated business of ProQuest.

In print for more than seven decades as Broadcasting Yearbook and more recently, Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook, this directory has been the go-to source for station data and industry contacts in the US and Canadian broadcasting marketplace.

“A major institution in the broadcast biz, The Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook, formerly the Broadcasting Yearbook, was a dog-eared fixture on many broadcasters’ desks since probably before WWII , ” said Radio & Television Business Report.

“Grey House is proud to bring this long-standing directory back to the market place. We’re planning a thorough editorial update, the addition of more key personnel, new sections of data and a new name – The Broadcasting & Cable Industry Annual,” said Richard Gottlieb, President of Grey House. “Not only will we add new content, we will also offer a new Online Database platform as well as new Mailing List options available for subscription.”

Grey House’s Broadcasting & Cable Industry Annual will offer immediate access to up-to-date data on over 20,000 stations and organizations in the field: Broadcast Television, Cable, Radio, Programming, Technology, Professional Services, Associations, Government and an annual Industry Overview. The directory is the most detailed, comprehensive and current broadcasting reference source available.

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