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Hard Choices Outsold by Sci-Fi Romance Time Travel Novel in First Week


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Despite the hype leading up to the publication of Hillary Clinton’s memoir Hard Choices, figures from Nielsen Bookscan, which tracks physical book sales across the country, reveal that her book was only the second most-popular book sold.

America’s most popular book: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, the eight book in the wildly popular time-travel/romance series Outlander, which was released on the same day as Clinton’s memoir but outsold her by 3,030 books.

According to Nielsen’s numbers, which were picked up by Buzzfeed, Clinton handily won the nonfiction category by selling 85,721 hardcover copies of Hard Choices, but the Outlander book, written by Diana Galbadon, sold 88,751 copies. Vox points out that even the most popular fiction books never outsell non-fiction: In 2013, nonfiction books outsold fiction two to one (even with the wildly popular Fifty Shades of Grey added to the mix). So for Clinton to be outsold by the eighth installment of a science fiction romance novel is rather unusual. (Nielsen Bookscan doesn’t report on the number of eBooks sold.)

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