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HBO leads Emmy nominations. Dish wants FCC to block Comcast deal.

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After the coffee. Before scrutinizing the Emmy nominations.

The Skinny: I watched the first episode of FX’s “The Strain.” I won’t give anything away but I will say you will never hear “Sweet Caroline” the same way again after watching it. Today’s headlines include the Emmy nominations. Also, satellite broadcaster Dish Network tells the FCC it should block Comcast’s proposed purchase of Time Warner Cable, and Nielsen lets a Univision radio station off the hook even though it tried to manipulate ratings.

Daily Dose: After unsuccessfully arguing that it was an antenna service and not a distribution system, Aereo is now saying the opposite. The start-up company that streams local TV signals over the Internet via remote antennas was found to be in violation of the Copyright Act by the Supreme Court last month. Now Aereo has told a lower court that it will pay the compulsory license that cable operators pay to cover carrying copyrighted materials. However, even if that move is successful, broadcasters are likely to push the FCC to define services such as Aereo as cable operators as well, which means they’d have to pay retransmission consent fees to get access to their channels.


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