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How should artists engage with music streaming services?


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Two weeks ago, Nielsen SoundScan reported that the week of August 30th, 2014 saw the lowest number of physical and digital album sales of all time – only 3.7M sold since the company first began tracking sales in 1991. Music streaming is growing, and the big giants, Apple, Google, Amazon, see that.

As an avid user of music streaming services, I would love to connect with the artists that I am listening to via a service dedicated to music, not one dedicated to text or images. “Hunger of the Pine” by Alt-J and “Pendulum” by FKA Twigs changed my soul this summer. In streaming them over and over again, I am sending that message to the artist. “Hey, you have moved me. Thank you for that. Please don’t stop.” I would love for them to know how they have inspired me. And in turn, I would love to know what inspires them.


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