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Indonesians crazy about chat, still love BlackBerry Messenger


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Indonesians spend most of their time on smartphones for chatting, with nearly 80 percent using the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) chat application, a recent study by market research firm Nielsen has shown.

Rina Apriani, 23, is one person who is still using the BBM application despite the emergence of new chat applications such as WhatsApp, LINE and KakaoTalk.

“I am actually quite bored with BBM, but my parents still use it and they don’t want to use other chat applications. So, I keep using it while also using other interesting chat applications,” she said.

Rina, a loyal BBM user since 2008, last year started to use several new chat applications such as LINE and KakaoTalk. She chose the two because they allow users to attach stickers to messages as well as offering discounts for certain events.

Though Rina could not definitively say how much time she spends chatting on her smartphone, the Nielsen study showed that 71 percent of smartphone users spend 26 percent of their “smartphone-time”, or 37 minutes a day, chatting through various chat applications.

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