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iPublishCentral Powers New Bowker ‘Book as an Android App’

First published on http://newsbreaks.infotoday.com/.

Impelsys, a provider of electronic content delivery solutions, is powering the new Bowker “Book as an Android App,” with its iPublishCentral software platform. “Book as an Android App” allows authors and small publishers to use Bowker’s www.myidentifiers.com to create Android-compatible ebook apps from any PDF or EPUB document, opening new sales channels such as Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

“At Bowker, we are delighted to take another important step forward in our continuous effort to make it easier for publishers to connect with buyers in a shifting marketplace,” said Beat Barblan, director of Identifier Services at Bowker. “Simplifying the path to the creation of eBooks is an absolutely essential need among small and self-publishers. Impelsys played a critical role in helping us address this need.”

Bowker Identifier Services provides authors and small publishers with the resources that enable customers to find and purchase their books. After an author has written a book, www.myidentifiers.com provides the path to publish—through the assignment of ISBNs and bar codes—and sell the title through enhanced discovery.

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