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Making The Business Case For IT

First published on www.forbes.com

One of the biggest challenges IT organizations face is building executive mindshare, but in today’s world, it’s critical.

IT organizations have been trained to think of their value in terms of CAPEX and return on investment. While these are undoubtedly important to the bottom-line, they are not game-changers.

To be relevant tomorrow, IT organizations have to adopt a business-down, customer-centric view of the data center and their roles within it.

They need to be thinking about aligning IT investments to business goals, not just about improving performance or recovery SLAs. They did need to get out of the data center vacuum.

This means thinking about how IT – and data protection too, can be used to bring new applications online faster, reach new customers, deliver new value, drive innovation and outpace competitors. And they need to make sure they’re positioned to take advantage of the benefits that the third platform will enable.

If you caught our keynote at EMC World, you heard the folks at Wells Fargo, Sub-Zero Group, and Nielsen talk about how they’re continuously innovating around IT, and how they’re redefining data protection within their organizations.

While these three organizations are at very different stages of transformation and have very different environments, they share a “boardroom” view of IT, and this is huge.

Regardless of how much data they have, what applications they used to create it, or where their data resides (mainframe, private cloud, etc.), making sure this data is accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any platform or device is their #1 priority. It’s about understanding customers’ needs and delivering the tools internally to meet those needs.

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