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Most Y.A. Bought by Adults; Agent Allegedly Attacked by Spurned Author

The Atlantic Wire

Published in The Atlantic Wire.

Over half of Y.A. books bought by adults. A new study from Bowker Market Research backs up what we knew all along—adults remain the most significant driving factor in the popularity of young adult fiction. The research shows that 55 percent of young adult book buyers are over 18. Twenty-eight percent are over 30. And more often than not they’re buying the books for their own enjoyment, not as a gift for a young ‘un: 78 percent of surveyed adult Y.A. buyers say they intend to read the books they’ve purchased themselves. Discussing the biannual report, Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer in the Digital Age, Bowker VP Kelly Gallagher says the high number of Y.A. books being consumed on e-readers tipped her off to the fact that a high percentage of teen-lit readers aren’t teens. “The investigation into who is reading Y.A. books began when we noticed a disparity between the number of Y.A. e-books being purchased and the relatively low number of kids who claim to read e-books,” she says. The Hunger Games series plays a large role in attracting adult readers to Y.A., but Gallagher believes, “our data shows it’s a much larger phenomenon than readership of this single series.” [Publishers Weekly]

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