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Nielsen Music 360 Study Finds Continued Heavy Music Listening

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The just released Music 360 2014 study, NIELSEN’s third annual research of the tastes, habits and preferences of U.S. music listeners, found that 93% of the country’s population listens to music, spending more than 25 hours each week tuning into their favorite tunes. The 75% of respondents who said they actively chose to listen to music was greater than the 73% who watch television.

One reason for music radio’s popularity is that it can be easily accessed throughout the day. Nearly a quarter of all music listening happens while driving; and around 15% of weekly TSL occurs at work and when doing chores at home. Also, 59% of music listeners listen via over-the-air AM/FM or online radio streams, followed by individual music libraries (48%), on demand streaming music services (41%), and curated streaming music services (36%).

When it comes to spurring music sales, 18%  of the digital music consumers listening online or through a mobile device have purchased a song while streaming it. Smartphone use is fueling growth as well, as 39% of smartphone owners purchased music on such a device in 2014, up from 34% a year ago.

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