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Swift pulls music from Spotify


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More than 700,000 people bought “1989” in the first two days it went on sale last week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That already exceeds the year’s biggest one-week seller, Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories,” which sold 383.000 in May. David Bakula, Nielsen music analyst, said Swift is on pace to challenge the 1.2 million copies she sold the first week her last album, “Red,” went on sale.

Music streaming services and file sharing have sharply cut into music sales for artists over the past couple of years. Many artists complain that the fees Spotify pays to record labels and music publishers, with a portion eventually funneled to musicians, is too small.

The “1989” album has never streamed on Spotify, although “Shake It Off” was allowed on the service. All of the music Swift has officially released in her career, including “Shake It Off,” was pulled on Monday.

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