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Taylor Swift: Hitmaker, Soda Saleswoman

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At some point you have to wonder what these companies get in return. It turns out to be quite a bit. According to Nielsen’s(NLSN) latest Music 360 report, music fans now closely identify Swift with these brands. A recent survey found that 29 percent of all music listeners associate Swift with Coke—and the number rises to 40 percent with Hispanic fans. Meanwhile, Nielsen found that 31 percent of millennials associate the pop star with Target.

Interestingly enough, Nielsen isn’t providing data about Swift’s campaign with Microsoft (MSFT). Did you know you could buy her entire album for 99¢ through Microsoft’s new Music Deals app? Neither did we. So the superstar can still move almost 2 million CDs in 2014, but she can’t bring her shine to a relic of the 1990s.

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