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The Abraham Lincoln Reading List: Recommendations and Suggestions


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As even the most casual reader knows, these questions and many others are hotly debated in a voluminous number of books written about Mr. Lincoln; with new ones popping up like toasters.

According to Bowker’s Books in Print database, in 2010, there were 2,140 books written about Lincoln, which doesn’t include video and audio books. As of November 12, 2012, the number of books about Lincoln (which includes biographies, autobiographies, histories, titles on specific topics, etc) has jumped to 2,515. The only other U.S. president which comes close to having that many books written about them is George Washington at 1,347.

A Footnote: A spokesperson from Bowker’s also informs me, since 2010, President Obama has leaped ahead of John F. Kennedy. In 2010, there were 502 books written about Mr. Obama; that number has soared to 929 as of November, 2012. JFK has 784 books written about him.

Interestingly, Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th president of the United States) continues to outpace his fifth cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (the 32nd U.S. president) in the number of books written about him. There are currently 658 books written about TR, followed by FDR at 547.

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