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The eBook – Déjà Vu All Over Again?


The publishing world is in turmoil. A series of recessions have all but eradicated innovation amongst the leading publishers and many small independents have gone bankrupt. Political turmoil and unrest has destabilized society to the point that publishing itself is regarded with suspicion by the powers that be.

Against this backdrop, a series of tectonic shifts are about to change everything forever. The forces which will bring about these changes are many and varied: new technologies which will drive down the cost of production, new distribution channels, which will bring together formerly distant and almost inaccessible markets, and a demographic shift of epic proportions amongst the publishers’ customer base — the readers.

One young author is about to embark on a project which will coalesce these disparate forces into a publishing phenomenon which will sweep everything before it, revolutionizing “publishing, distribution, bookselling, author-publisher relations, copyright provisions, and fiction itself.”

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