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The New Age of TV: It Doesn’t Have to be a Big Bad Wolf


First published on http://adage.com/

Here’s the good news: a recent report from Nielsen and Simulmedia showed that television continues to be the largest platform for audience delivery, with 283 million Americans spending more than 146 hours on average watching TV each month.

The scary part, at least for agencies, is that the medium is changing – fast. Cross-platform viewing trends are not a myth, and advertisers increasingly want a piece of the video advertising pie. Evidence of this can be quickly seen in the Motley Crew that made up the season’s Digital NewFronts. Time Inc., Condé Nast, National Geographic Society, oh my! And it’s not particularly surprising why they take this strategy – a TV ad campaign that includes digital touch points can increase effective reach by 16 percent at the same overall budget.

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