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War of 1812 reinterpreted over the centuries

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Books, websites, re-enactments galore

Consider books. Already in 2012, 113 books about the War of 1812 have been published or distributed in the U.S., according to Bowker Books in Print, which tracks publishing metrics. The number of books being published about the war actually began to spike in 2009. Bowker lists another 278 War of 1812 books for 2009-2011. By the end of this year, perhaps close to half the books on the War of 1812 over the last 32 years will be from the last four years.

There are also websites, mementos, re-enactments, and so on.

That’s as expected, American historian Alan Taylor told CBC News. Taylor, the author of The Civil War of 1812 — arguably the most important War of 1812 book from among those 400 published over the last four years — noted that the War of 1812 comes between the American Revolution and the 1861-65 Civil War, which both dramatically eclipse it in terms of historical importance for Americans.

“The civil war was massively more deadly, and transformative within the United States than the War of 1812 had been,” Taylor said. War of 1812 events in the U.S. are also competing for attention with Civil War sesquicentennial events.

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