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What the press learned in Ferguson



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Headlines were terse — and often brutal — in the immediate aftermath. “NBC puts David Gregory out of his misery,” noted New York magazine.

Mr. Gregory had been the host since 2008, following the untimely death of the indefatigable and fair-minded Tim Russert. Critics often cited Mr. Gregory’s seeming lack of engagement with viewers, though much of his on-camera style was derived from years as an NBC White House reporter, firing questions at one press secretary after another.

For all the hubbub, it is still an excruciatingly close race between the three Sunday news programs — but in a pivotal election year. The most recent Nielsen ratings place CBS’s “Face the Nation” in first place with 2.6 million viewers, ABC’s “This Week” with 2.5 million and “Meet the Press” with 2.1 million.


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