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What’s bad for Apple is good for America

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Apple’s arrogance, meanwhile, manifests itself in important details, for example, the lack of a removable iPhone battery. I go through two and sometimes three batteries a day, especially when I use my Samsung phone as a hotspot for my laptop. Even if Apple’s product were superior, which it isn’t, that problem alone would keep me with the competition.

The tablet helps dumb the culture down. Easier access to streaming movies and video games makes people stupider. Tablets can be used to read books, to be sure, but a tablet user is less likely to read a book and more likely to be distracted by other things. Writing in Forbes Online on August 14, Jeremy Greenfield observed that tablets are slowing the growth of e-books:

“Tablets will adversely affect the e-book business in that the tablet is a multifunction device and will therefore draw the reader into non-book activities and therefore cause them to consume books slower and therefore buy fewer books versus a single function e-reading device,” Kelly Gallagher, vice president of publishing services at Bowker Market Research, told me in May when it started to become clear just how tablet sales were affecting e-books.

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