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Where Do Kids Find the Books They Read for Pleasure? Libraries, Amazon

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Despite their waning influence among children when it comes to book recommendations, libraries are still the No. 1 place kids acquire the books they read for pleasure, according to a new report from Bowker Market Research.

At the same time, libraries are no longer the top place where kids discover new books. Recommendations from friends and family was the No. 1 in this latest iteration of Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer in the Digital Age, the report presented at the Publishers Launch Children’s Publishing Goes Digital in New York*.

The top six places kids up to thirteen-years-old get the books they read for pleasure:

1. Public Library
2. Amazon.com
3. Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club
4. Barnes & Noble
5. School Library
6. Scholastic Book Clubs

Meanwhile, where children discover what they want to read next is changing. Perhaps in a nod to the current online and social era, recommendations from friends and family is now the No. 1 way that kids discover new books.

Top three places kids get recommendations for new books:

1. Friends and family
2. Bookstore browsing
3. Library

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