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Who’s buying and reading YA-books?

Escape In A Book

In September, I read an article about adults buying teen books inThe Christian Science Monitor. The results showed in this article are based on a¬†study from Bowker Market Research. It shows that 55 % percent of the buyers of YA-literature are 18 or over and they say this is a trend that’s only been increasing over the years. The majority of the buyers in the 18+-group are actually 30-44 years old (I am one of those:-) Of course this group could be buying the books for their kids or other teenagers, but according to the survey 78% of the adult buyers reported that they were buying the books for themselves. The popularity of series as The Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter can take some of the blame but not most of it. More than 70% of the readers reported to read a variety of titles. This is good news for the publishers Bowker says because these book’s readers are among the most loyal, socially active and committed you can find. So why do adults like to read books meant for a younger crowd?
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