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Why All Businesses Should Have a YouTube Channel

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We all know that more and more businesses are jumping on board the “Facebook train” and they are sending as many Tweets as they consume cups of coffee, but did you know most small businesses express they don’t have the time to take on an additional social media platform—especially one that relies on video? The truth of the matter is this: creating original video content increases SEO, it helps launch your products to a larger audience, it is a powerful branding tool and it is simple to make.

Still not convinced? Let’s examine some YouTube statistics that speak real volume: If you plan on promoting your products to foreign markets, then smile because 80 percent of YouTube traffic originates from outside the U.S. Also, more than one billion unique users access YouTube every month and over six billion hours of YouTube are viewed every month—this equates to roughly one hour of viewing time for every single person on Earth! Every day, millions of new YouTube subscriptions are registered, and the number of daily subscriptions has tripled in comparison to last year’s numbers. Finally, Nielsen reports that more adults aged 18-34 access YouTube than they do any cable TV network. YouTube has a massive platform filled with loyal followers, and if businesses fail to tap into this wealthy marketing resource pool, they are potentially missing out on more followers and more clients.

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