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Why You Should Broaden the Distribution of Your Book (Now)


First published on http://indiereader.com/

Have you heard the exciting news?  IndieReader now has a very cool e-bookstore and e-reading app. If you’ve been reviewed on IndieReader.com, your book has a special space waiting for it front-and-center in the app.

The goal in creating this app was to give IndieReader another way to spread the love as the premier source for discovering the most exceptional indie and self-published books.

And a very interesting thing happened when we went to load the content. About 50% of the 2,000+ books IndieReader has reviewed on the site—books that IndieReader WANTS to put in the hands of readers who WANT to read them—were not available.

Why? Because the ebooks are only available on Amazon.

Or in rarer cases, available on Amazon and whatever direct platforms the author has listed them on—iBooks Author, Nook Press, or Kobo Writing Life—but not available through Ingram, where the IndieReader app (and tens of thousands of other retailers and libraries) can get them.

But for the vast majority, it’s an Amazon-only world.

What are YOU leaving on the table?

Now I’m not anti-Amazon, especially when it comes to the indie-publishing revolution. They are a major ebook channel with passionate readers, and a wide range of services for the entrepreneurial author. However, I AM an advocate for authors making informed business decisions, and in this case I want authors to consider the data.

If you are an indie author whose ebooks are only available on Amazon, you are missing a large opportunity—probably larger than you think.

What share of the ebook marketplace do you think Amazon owns?

80%? 90%? More?

According to a Fall 2013 study by The Book Industry Study Group (BISG), administered by Nielsen Books & Consumers, it turns out that Amazon.com captures about 51% of ebook purchases, and the Amazon app captures about 16%—that’s 67% of the market in total.

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