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World Cup to roll aluminum beverage can sales to 2bn: Novelis

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The increase in aluminum drink beverage cans constitutes a 35% increase over sales for the same four-week period last year.

Market research firm Nielsen reports during a typical World Cup event (which happens every four years), consumption of beer may climb 20% over normal rates in spectating households. Soft drinks and other beverages in aluminum cans also surge, according to Novelis.

Novelis is the top supplier providing aluminum can stock for beverage packaging on the South American continent. In addition, Novelis owns and operates the largest aluminum recycling facility in Brazil, a country with a 98% recycling rate for beverage cans.

Novelis expects can demand to continue growing after the last goal is kicked in. The firm recently wrapped a $340 million expansion of its aluminum rolling and recycling operations in Brazil, bringing its annual production capacity of aluminum can sheet to 600,000 metric tons.

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