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WRITING ON THE ETHER: Eye of the Turkey

First published on http://janefriedman.com.

So I turned to Bowker Research to see if I could at least get a more factual fix than we usually bring into these discussions on fiction and nonfiction consumption. Here is some of what I was able to learn — and my special thanks to Carl Kulo and Phil Caine for some very fast work while the turkey was in the oven.

According to Books and Consumers from Bowker Market Research for 2012, the percentages of men and women buying both adult fiction and nonfiction have stayed fairly near constant for the past two and a half years.

For example, men were 37 percent of the adult fiction buyers in 2010, 39 percent in 2011, and 36 percent in the first half of 2012. So a bit over a third of the adult fiction buyers have been picking up adult fiction. I wonder if that’s quite as bad (in terms of men and fiction) as might have been expected?

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