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YouTube: Then, now, and what’s next


First published on www.cnbc.com


Now, YouTube is turning out to be a cash cow. It will generate $7.2 billion in advertising revenue this year, eMarketer said. And its scale is unprecedented: It has over 1 billion monthly views, about 40 percent on mobile devices.

YouTube won’t reveal exact advertiser numbers, but the company says it has 200 times more video advertisers than the average U.S. television network. The company also cites Nielsen statistics saying it reaches more U.S. adults age 18-34 than any cable network.

In a turnaround from when it was media companies’ adversary, now it’s their partner. More than 5,000 content companies use its media I.D. tools, which scan over¬†400 years worth of video daily. When they find content owned by the media companies, they can add advertising or pull down copyright infringement.

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