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Gaming Across The Generations: The Gaming 360 Report








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What’s the difference between 25 to 44 year olds and kids 6 to 12? If you’re a gamer, then the answer is nothing! This year’s Gaming 360 report uncovered that adults 25 to 34, 35 to 44 and children six to 12 are the biggest gamers around (16%, 16% and 18% of total gamers in 2013, respectively), among other gaming insights. We spoke to VP/GM of the Games group Michael Flamberg to uncover more about the report itself and what it says about today’s gaming landscape.

Why Do They Do It?

Every year, our group manages to demystify gamer behaviors to become theindustry experts for our biggest clients.  Because it’s a free report that’s available to the public (though it wasn’t always – the Games team eventually found that it had the most value as a PR and marketing device), revenue generated as a result is usually in the form of custom add-ons.  For example, last year the team did a deep dive analysis for Microsoft Advertising to help them better understand their share of the marketplace, and how to approach the release of the Xbox One. Other titans of industry like Disney and Sony not only request custom additional data every year, but beat down the door to get to the newest numbers.

Gaming on the Go

Let’s be honest – some of you just might be reading this article while playing Minecraft on your phone at the same time. But don’t worry, you’re not alone – mobile and tablet gaming were the main drivers of the 12 percent increase in overall gaming time from 2012 to 2013. And though it may just seem like everyone is on their phones all the time these days, it’s not just your imagination. In 2013, gaming on iPhones increased an almost unbelievable 667% over 2012, while online gaming on tablets other than an iPad increased an equally impressive 260% and Android online gaming went up 250%. But before you hardcore gamers bemoan the loss of the traditional gaming console experience, the report says something about you as well – 50% of you are gaming on traditional consoles as well as on mobile and tablets without decreasing your overall time spent gaming on any device.

One Step Closer to 100MM

With 100MM always in our sights, a free Gaming report may not seem like the solution from the get-go. But the Gaming 360 report is more than just the best information on the industry available – it’s a dual PR and marketing tool that has resulted in some seriously cool projects. Tactics like this have contributed to how great the team is doing (they grew 14% in 2013 over prior year, and are off to a great start with 21% growth in Q1 2014 (versus Q1 2013)! And there’s an upside to positioning ourselves as the leading gaming industry experts – that game of Goat Rampage you’re playing at the office can now officially be called “research.”

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