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Music Market Update: Canada







First published on www.nielsen.com

Ed Sheeran’s “X” (Warner) remains at number one on the Top Albums chart for the second straight week, with 7,700 units sold, the lowest sales week for a No. 1 album in two months. It is the first album to spend its first two weeks of release at number one since Serge Fiori’s self-titled album held the top spot in its first two weeks on the chart in March.

“Where I Belong” (Universal), the former number one album from Bobby Bazini, jumps 6-2 with a 24% sales increase over last week. It is the album’s highest chart position since its second week on the chart four weeks ago.

“Don’t Kill The Magic” (Sony), the debut album from Toronto group Magic!, scores the biggest entry of the week at No. 5 with 3,500 units sold. The album features the North American hit “Rude,” which spent 18 weeks at the top of the Canadian Emerging Artists chart, and the title cut new single, which jumps 28-25 on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100.

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