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The Importance of Urban Formats with African-American Listeners







First published on www.nielsen.com

The radio landscape offers something for just about everyone. Each day in the U.S., more than 16,000 stations touting over 50 different formats provide a diverse lineup of programming for audiences of all ages across markets large and small.

Yet amid the expanse of choice, we tend to pick our favorites and stick with them. According to Nielsen’s second-quarter Audio Today report, which examines the 31 million African-Americans who tune in to the radio, this demographic spends more than 12 hours each week listening to radio. And while African-Americans have big radio appetites, more than half of their listening occurs with only two formats: Urban Adult Contemporary (AC) and Urban Contemporary.

No matter what African-American age breakout you examine, Urban AC and its younger-skewing cousin Urban Contemporary dominate, holding the top two spots across the board. In fact, when combined, the two formats account for more than half of all African-American listener shares during an average week. In other words, more than 50 percent of all African-American radio listening each week pertains to these two formats alone.

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