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Research Services

Nielsen Market Research has become a primary source of market research for the book publishing industry. Our experienced analysts will help you ask the right questions and analyze the data to provide actionable and accurate results for your business. Samples for these studies are drawn from our Nielsen Market Research book buyer sample, providing a pre-qualified and cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

We offer several different types of Custom Research including:

Industry Standard Report Sets

Quarterly set of consumer-based sales trends highlighting key industry performance indicators. In addition to data points, Nielsen will provide editorial content with expert analysis and interpretation of the data related to:

  • Demographic portraits of key buyers
  • Channel and outlet profiles
  • Binding and genres performance
  • E-book device ownership
  • Publisher market share
  • Book awareness & purchase motivation

Access to data from our Monthly Book Tracker:

Gives you direct access to the wealth of trendable information  we track about the American book buyer, including who they are (demographics), what books they buy (genre, format), where and how they buy these books (in store, online, via their eReader), and their motivations for purchasing the book that they did. We also track a wide variety of other information about their lifestyle, activities, social network participation, devices owned, and much more.  America’s top publishers are using this data to understand book buyers, and to help them make critical decisions about how to create, market and sell their content most effectively.

Tool Sets

To access this data we provide access in two ways:

  • Real Time Reporting (RTR) – A survey analysis tool provided by our partner MarketTools, Inc., that allows users to create frequency distributions to all questions in the monthly tracker survey, plus any ad-hoc questions that clients have asked to run for a given month.

  • Reports for Surveys (RfS) – A data retrieval and reporting program created by IBM/SPSS that takes advantage of the book, outlet, and measure aggregation that has been performed by our second partner, GMi, a Kantar Company.

Custom Deep Dive Studies

A Deep Dive Study allows clients to go back to a specific set of defined book buyers and ask up to 35 questions about a topic of particular research interest. A Deep Dive Study can seek to understand the success that an author had and understand if there are ways of knowing how these and other trends can be uncovered in the future.

Image Testing Service

The Image Testing Service technology allows for more precise consumer reaction diagnostics by having respondents (book buyers) express opinions about the image by clicking directly on any part of the image and providing verbatim feedback.

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